Monday, March 29, 2010

Author and Illustrator Extraodinaire!

My admission is that I was not, I repeat, not an avid reader as a young child. As I often say to my students, I really disliked - with a capital "DIS" reading. What a boring and mind twisting thing it was. All those rules and sounds and, well you get my drift. Luckily things change as all things must and I grew into what I believe is a curious and eager reader.

Today marked a very exciting moment in my life. I was transformed back to the days of acting like a princess, singing, dancing, leaping and twirling in front of the living room mirror marring the shag rug with my ballet slippers.

Today was different. In awe I listened to Pamela Duncan Edwards, our guest author, share her stories of inspiration, determination and witty tidbits about her childhood that lead her to be a writer.

Today I witnessed Henry Cole, our guest illustrator with an unrivaled sense of humor, create magic with a black marker on a stark sheet of paper.

Today I heard Ms. KK, our beloved librarian, laugh as if she too was transformed back to her childhood. Her eyes glistening from the joy she heard in the sounds of laughter from our students.

Oh how I wish these people were in my life when I was a little girl. I wish that they had planted the seeds of knowledge and curiosity when I was eight years old. I'm sure I would have loved to read sooner.

Thank you for making this day extra special for all of us!

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