Monday, March 29, 2010

Author and Illustrator Extraodinaire!

My admission is that I was not, I repeat, not an avid reader as a young child. As I often say to my students, I really disliked - with a capital "DIS" reading. What a boring and mind twisting thing it was. All those rules and sounds and, well you get my drift. Luckily things change as all things must and I grew into what I believe is a curious and eager reader.

Today marked a very exciting moment in my life. I was transformed back to the days of acting like a princess, singing, dancing, leaping and twirling in front of the living room mirror marring the shag rug with my ballet slippers.

Today was different. In awe I listened to Pamela Duncan Edwards, our guest author, share her stories of inspiration, determination and witty tidbits about her childhood that lead her to be a writer.

Today I witnessed Henry Cole, our guest illustrator with an unrivaled sense of humor, create magic with a black marker on a stark sheet of paper.

Today I heard Ms. KK, our beloved librarian, laugh as if she too was transformed back to her childhood. Her eyes glistening from the joy she heard in the sounds of laughter from our students.

Oh how I wish these people were in my life when I was a little girl. I wish that they had planted the seeds of knowledge and curiosity when I was eight years old. I'm sure I would have loved to read sooner.

Thank you for making this day extra special for all of us!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Special Note From Our Prinicpal

Subject: Community Budget Meeting

The following is a copy of the Principal’s Message from The Connection:

CHETS CREEK NEEDS YOUR HELP!!! If Florida’s legislature proceeds with expected cuts to public school funding in the state we will face the bleakest year financially to date. I have worked aggressively over the past years to maintain funding for teachers and classrooms and have held the overhead expenses for our school to 12.52% of our operating budget. If we don’t get the attention of our representatives now, I may be charged with cutting 20% (a whopping 1 million dollars) from our school’s budget. The impact this could have would be devastating. Each call, letter or email to our legislators counts! Please join me and show your support by attending an important Community Meeting regarding the perilous budget condition we face in public education to be held at Sandalwood High School on Thursday at 6:00 PM. I look forward to seeing everyone there as we stand together to fight for funding for Florida’s schools.

I urge each of you to attend this Thursday’s meeting. We simply must get the attention of the media, the public and our legislators – the proposed cuts this year are significant and will have far reaching effect if we don’t take action now. They have asked that those attending make signs saying “Save Chets Creek” or “Save Duval Schools”. Bring your kids, neighbors, anyone who cares about public education! This community united is a force to be reckoned with!

Susan T. Phillips
Chets Creek Elementary